Meetings - what to expect

What is an NA Meeting?

Meetings are where you can find support from others who have been where you are now. Come along, no appointment necessary and you'll see others getting & staying clean. Hopefully, this will inspire you to believe you can do it too. Come as often as you like, (it's free), as this helps build up a resistance to temptation. Soon you might be inspiring others to get clean too. That's how it works, we all help each other to do something we had been unable to do alone.

​You don’t have to say anything at a meeting if you don’t want to, nor do you have to be drug free to attend, this is important as they are the main reasons given for not coming, Just show up, you'll be made welcome, the people running the meeting were new once. We found it's a good idea to try and focus on the similarities rather than the differences in what is being said.

We have meetings both online and In person

If you can try and arrive a bit ahead of the start time for the meeting. Meetings tend to start on time and with in person meetings it’s much easier to come in and find a seat when there are not too many people already there.

​When you arrive the secretary might chat to you and ask if you have been before. Just say you have come to your first meeting to find out about NA – or you can say that you are visiting if you like either way you will be welcome.

​In 'In Person'  meetings when you sit down you will probably notice that there will be reading cards laid out on chairs – if you would prefer not to read the card out during the opening stage of the meeting then its best to sit somewhere where there is no card or just move it onto another seat. You can always pass the card to someone else anyway.

​It doesn't even matter if you're late. Just walk in, get yourself a cup of tea, sit down & listen.

Online meetings pretty much the same applies but you will need to bring your own tea!

Usually the person taking the online meeting will run through at the beginning how the individual meeting operates, again you don't have to say anything unless you want to. There is normally a 'Newcomers' section where it's a good idea to let people know it's your first meeting as they will offer support, if you choose not to do then an alternative would be just put in the chat section that you are new and you will generally get the same response.

Are there different types of meetings? Can I bring a friend to the meeting?

There are three types of meetings 'Open to All', 'Open by Request' and 'Addicts Only' the latter are only for addicts or those who think they may have a problem with drugs. 'Open to All' meetings are open to anyone to attend, including family members or friends , Check the meetings page which specifies what each meeting is. If there are no 'Open to All' or 'Open by Request' ' meetings in your local area please go along anyway and ask one of those organising it if they can ask the group to make it 'Open' so your friend or family member  can attend.

What if I don't like the meeting, what then?

It's pretty common for those who first come to a meeting to look for differences rather than similarities, reasons why it won't work for you. Most of us were pretty used to failing so it's no surprise if we have those thoughts again. The good news is the meeting you attended is one of thousands and no two meetings are ever the same, giving ourselves a break and trying another one is a good way to go.

Are there local meeting contacts?

Our helpline has many local contacts, for reasons of anonymity and data protection we can't publish them online. Please call the helpline and let them know that you would like to attend a local meeting or speak to someone local. If you leave your contact number they will try and get someone local to return your call. The helpline number is 0300 999 1212 

Where can i find a meeting?

Check out the meetings page on this site, it has lots of search functions and if there are any problems just give the helpline a call.